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Anne Anfrol 



Anne, a modern adventurer who loves languages, art, gastronomy, travelling and caramel Carambars was brought up in a blend of American, Italian and South American cultures.

Then she developed her unique communication skills through her parallel professional experience in art and tourism.

Anne, now specialised in gastronomy, has contributed to the success of establishments such as Masa, La Maison Chaudun, La Maison de L'Aubrac, Le Braisenville, Bistrot Belhara, Le Duc, Maxan, ...and restaurants Blueberry, La Bocca Della Verità, Al Mankal, Chez Ly.

She has very regular press publications on all her clients in ELLE, GRAZIA, L'EXPRESS, LE POINT, FIGARO MADAME, TÉLÉRAMA, IDEAT, LUI, FINANCIAL TIMES, NEW YORK TIMES, CÔTÉ PARIS, as well as RADIO or TV SHOWS.